Pre Congress


Venue: Future Endodontic Microscope Center, FUE
Date: Tuesday 5th December 2017 (PreCongress) 13:00 – 17:00

If cleaning and shaping are the paradigm of success of endodontic treatment, innovations are focused on the designs of the files such as cross sections, taper, helical angles and many other specifications that distinguish the identity of a specific instruments. These evolutions reduced significantly file breakage that nevertheless was still haunting NiTi users and pushed forward the researches into new directions. At the same time, GP aspire to an efficiency with soft sensations.
Thermo-mechanical treatment of endodontic wires prior, during or post machining of endodontic files enhanced the flexibility of these files. These innovative treatment procedures opened the way for a totally new area of NiTi alloy with specific microstructural atomic composition.
Combining the cumulative knowledge on file design and new heat treatment procedures, Micro Mega introduces the 2Shape
The new file system comprises only two files in continuous rotation that can address most canal configurations.

Before the workshop we will describe the system, and explain the way to use a simple, safe, efficient and short endodontic sequence in rotary motion.
By the end of this Hands on Course attendees will be able to:
- Understand the cleaning and shaping effect of 2Shape following a glide path and/or a Flare
- Do easier and safer endodontic treatment
- Appreciate the soft sensation of low stress for files and operator.
Participants: Only 20 participants
Duration: 6 hours
Fees: EDS Members 1500 Egyptian Pounds / Non Members 120 $ dollars
Sponsored by MicroMega




Venue: Future Endodontic Microscope Center, FUE
Date: Tuesday 5th December 2017 (PreCongress) 9:00 – 13:00

This hands-on course will guide you to provide an efficient three-dimensional instrumentation of the root canal space using new instrumentation techniques (XP Shaper & XP Finisher). you will be taught how to deliver a predictable endodontic treatment to your patients in a stress free, safe and more time efficient than you usually do. You will experience the elimination of hand fatigue, canal distortion and instrument separation.

This course will be clinically oriented with brief didactic components to introduce the materials and techniques to be used. There will be instruction with and without the microscope.

Goals & Objectives
• Learn about the latest instrumentation protocols for a predictable treatment outcome
• Accomplish 3 dimensional fills.

Every participant should bring 2-3 teeth for this course.

Participants: Only 20 participants
Duration: 6 hours
Fees: EDS Members 1500 Egyptian Pounds / Non Members 120 $ dollars
Sponsored by FKG

Single File Systems: Time To Reciprocate in Blue

Venue: Future Endodontic Microscope Center, FUE
Date: Tuesday 5th December 2017 (PreCongress) 9:00 – 13:00​

The introduction of rotary nickel-titanium instruments has revolutionized root canal preparation. Nevertheless, unexpected instrument fracture is not uncommon after repeated use. Another concern is the possibility of cross-contamination associated with the inability to adequately clean and sterilize endodontic instruments. Therefore, the single use of endodontic instruments has been recommended to reduce instrument fatigue and possible cross - contamination. There are several single file systems in the market that vary in their metallurgy, design and mode of operation. Nevertheless, using a single instrument with sharp cutting edges to complete the preparation might result in canal aberrations and will subject it to a great deal of stresses. Also, there are serious concerns for their cleaning potential. The aim of this comprehensive course is to allow dental practioners and endodontists to learn and master cleaning and shaping of the root canal system using the Reciproc Blue files.

Theoretical part:

  1. Root canal preparation challenges.
  2. Past and current attempts to overcome these challenges.
  3. Introduction of single file systems.
  4. Evaluate studies conducted to evaluate the performance of existing single file systems.
  5. Answer the key question: Do single file systems satisfy our cleaning and shaping objectives?
  6. Why Reciproc? Why Blue?


Practical part:

  1. Video presentations
  2. Hands on demonstration
  3. Preparation of severely curved root canals using the Reciproc Blue single file system.

 Fees: EDS Members 1200 Egyptian Pounds / Non Members 1​00 $ dollars

Find Your Way to Rotary Endodontics

Pre Congress Course

Date: 5/12/2017

Time: 1-5 pm

Venue: Future University in Cairo

Lecture Objectives:

  1. Learn the role of glide path in relation to complex root canal anatomy.
  2. To patency or not to Patency.
  3. Learn how to instrument the root canals in simple and efficient way.
  4. Three dimensional obturation….Is that real?
  5. Learn the role of bioceramic sealer to improve the obturation quality.
  6. Improve your clinical skills in endodontic practice.


  • Each candidate will train on extracted teeth that were previous access cavity.
  • Training on NiTi Two rotary instruments for glide path the root canals.
  • Training on EndoStar rotary system.
  • Obturation using lateral compaction technique utilizing Bioceramic sealer.
  • Demo on warm vertical compaction technique.
  • A problem solving and active learning methods will be applied.


  • Prof. Ashraf S. Refai

    Associate Prof. of Endodontics, AL-Azhar University


  • Prof. Ahmed M. Farghaly

    Associate Prof. of Endodontics, AL-Azhar University


  • Prof. Moataz Alkhawas

Associate Prof. of Endodontics, AL-Azhar University

Fees : Members 1200 Egyptian Pounds / Non Members 100 $