Dr. Amr Fawzy




      Dr Amr Fawzy is a biomaterials scientist with dental training in restorative dentistry. Amr graduated from Cairo University ​Dental ​School. He joined Ain Shams University as an academic staff at the ​Department of Biomaterials. He is currently the director of ​dental biomaterials research program at the school of dentistry, National University of Singapore. Amr is actively involved in undergraduate teaching and postgraduate supervision. Dr. Fawzy's research team and lab is working on resin-dentin bonding, bioengineering of Dental hard tissues and nanotechnology applications for drug-delivery to dentin. His team recent work regarding employing nano-vehicles for drug-delivery and sustained drug release to resin-dentin junctions was featured and publ​ished several times in the top dental journals attracting wide international interest. Amr has published extensively and served as a reviewer for several international and regional peer refereed journals. Amr Fawzy has a postgradute specialization degree in prosthodntics and practice restorative dentistry.



 Drug-Delivery to Demineralized Dentin and Resin-Dentin Interface through Nanocarriers

Human dentin which represents the main bulk of human teeth is considered as avascular mineralized tissue which contains micro-sized dentinal tubules. Dentinal tubules that connect the pulp to DEJ are connected together through many lateral smaller branches creating complex 3D capillary-system. This capillary-system formed of main and lateral tubular branches are filled with water-based tissue fluid called dentinal fluid which flow from the pulp direction toward DEJ under the continuous pulpal hydrostatic pressure. This tubular capillary network might serve as an ideal pathway for drug-delivery to dentin/pulp complex and resin-dentin interface for potential dental applications. The proposed principle is to introduce and infiltrate nano-sized capsules/particles loaded with the desired drugs at sufficient amount inside the dentinal tubules capillary system of the acid demineralized dentin substrates for controlled and more sustained drug-release. In this presentation, the recent research regarding the delivery of chlorhexidine (CHX) and proanthocyanidins (PA) loaded into PLGA/PCL biodegradable polymer nanoparticles/nanocapsules to demineralized dentin and resin-dentin interface will be highlighted with emphasizing on the potential of this new drug-delivery strategy to be translated to restorative dentistry practice.