Dr. Hassan A. Selim



Current Position    :   Professor & consultant of Endodontic,
                                  Director of Internship& Program.Post-graduate
                                  Riyadh colleges of Dentistry&Pharmacy K.S.A.
                                  Reginol Dental Advisor and Examiner RCSEd, UK
                                  Nominated Dean for post-grad College in Bahrain

Place & Date of Birth    :    Cairo Egypt 1949
Citizenship                    :  Egyptian-American
Qualification                  :  B.D.S Cairo-Egypt       1973
                                      :  H.D.D. Oral Medicine Cairo,        1975
                                         National Board Chicago – U.S.A.    1979
                                      : Clinical Certificate Maxillofacial – Prostho, Ohio   1980
                                      : MSc &Certificate in Endo, Univ.of Minneasota 1985
                                      : FRCSEd  , Edinburgh.  UK       2013
                                        Private Hospital Saudi Arabia         2003-2009
                                        Position Held  :  Consultant Endodontist and Tutor in MGDS                                                 1999-2003
                                         Program of RCSEd, U.K., MOH – Bahrain
                                         Private Clinic Cairo-Egypt        1995-1999
                                      :  Director of Dental Services Consultant Endodontist

                                          MOH UAE  1993-1995
                                      :  A Professor of Endodontic    King Saud University
                                          Riyadh – Saudi Arabia      1986-1993
                                      :  A Clinical Professor (Part time) University of Minnesota
                                         U.S.A      1985-1990
                                      :  Acting Dean, College of Dental Therapy Lagos, Nigeria

                                         West Africa-1980-1982

 Activities                      :  Published over 25 Scientific Paper and Abstracts.
                                        Presented over70 times as Speaker and invited Lecturer
                                        at National, Regional and International Level
                                     :  Participated and heading 35 continuing Dental
                                        Education Courses, workshops and hand-on Program
                                        in Endodontic
                                     :  Member in Large number of National & International
                                        Professional Association, Societies and Committees

E-mail Contact  :  hassan_endo@yahoo.com

Stress Management In Dentistry

          Dentistry has been characterized as highly stressful profession. Endodontic is considered to be one of the highest stressing out among all dental specialities. Stress is a part of daily life , but when it becomes chronic , can lead to various physical and psychological problems that might affect a dentist’s overall performance and quality of life , stress is the adverse reaction that people might have due to excessive pressure or other type of demands.In this presentation we will in light difference between pressure and stress showing the signs of stress of the individual and its effect on our daily practice and advises to avoid it and deal with the stress.