Dr.Shanon Patel




I divide my time between working in a large multi-disciplinary specialist practice in central London (4 days/week), and teaching future Specialist Endodontists inthe Postgraduate Unit at Kings’ College London Dental Institute (KCL) (1 day/week). My PhD thesis assessed the use of CBCT in the management of Endodontic problems. I am actively involved in research, and have co-supervised over 40 Masters and PhD students.

My primary research interests reflect some of the interesting challenges I face in everyday clinical practice and include survival of teeth, managing dental trauma, and the use of CBCT in Endodontics. As a result I regularly lecture on these topics both nationally and internationally. I have been the lead author of National and European (ESE) guidelines on dental imaging in Endodontics. In addition, I have published over 65 papers in peer reviewed scientific journals and co-edited 4 textbooks; ‘Principles of Endodontics’ is now in its second edition, and is a very popular undergraduate endodontic textbook, ‘Pitt Ford’s Problem Based Learning in Endodontics’ was one of the first PBL textbook in our specialty. ‘Cone Beam CT in Endodontics’ aimed at users of small field, high resolution CBCT. In my spare time I tinker with my classic cars, and then pay a fortune getting them fixed properly.




Radiographic diagnosis of apical periodontitis using CBCT


   We all routinely use periapical radiographs to aid us with the diagnosis and management of apical periodontitis (black holes), as well as to assess the outcome (success rate) of endodontic treatment.  However, radiographs have several limitations, which do have an impact on their overall diagnostic accuracy. 

    It is now well established that CBCT is a more accurate imaging system than periapical radiography. This presentation will describe the results of the first series of prospective clinical studies assessing the impact of CBCT on the outcome of pulp capping, primary and secondary endodontic treatment carried out by the KCLresearch group.