Dr.Jean Philippe Mallet




Dental practice limited to Endodontics (Paris, France) (1987)

Graduated from the University Paris V – René Descartes (Paris, France). (1980)

Ex Assistant Professor at University Paris V. (1983-1987)

At present: Teaching Associate at the University Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, France)

Past President of the French Society of Endondontics (SFE)


How to perform a safe and efficient endodontic treatment with soft sensations.

 Cleaning and shaping are the paradigm of success of endodontic treatment.

For more than 25 years NiTi have been used to shape root canal space. Ever since companies have been trying to improve endodontic files in order to achieve a more predictable outcome of the shaping procedures and enhance the cleaning efficiency of endodontic irrigants. At the same time the General Practitioner aspire to safe and efficient files with daily office soft sensations. It is with those requirements that a team worked during 3 years to develop a new endodontic sequence.

Innovations focused on the designs of the files such as cross sections, taper, helical angles and numerous specifications crafting the identity of a specific instrument.  These evolutions reduced significantly file breakage that nevertheless was still haunting NiTi users and pushed forward the researches into new directions. Thermo-mechanical treatment of endodontic wires prior, during or post machining of endodontic files enhanced the flexibility of these files. These innovative treatment procedures opened the way for a  new area of NiTi alloy with different microstructural composition and thus mechanical behavior.

Capitalizing on successful files such as RevoS and combining the cumulative knowledge on file design and new heat treatment procedures, this team introduces new files with Micro Mega Company. The new file system (2Shape) comprises only two files in continuous rotation that can address most canal configurations. Moreover, accessory files, for pre-flaring or to create a path, are available to secure all root canal configurations.

 In this presentation we will describe the system, showcase its strength, and pinpoint the wide range of clinical situation that could be addressed swiftly and safely.

 By the end of this presentation attendees will be able to:

Discover safe and efficient files according to their daily endodontic treatment.

Identify the 2Shape, its unique assets and the optional files OneFlare and OneG

Take advantage of its features to achieve a safe, soft and predictable Endodontics.