Dr.Oscar Von Stetten




 1996 – 2001  Study Dentistry at Berlin University

 1998 practicing dentistry under magnification

 2001 purchase of first microscope

 2002 Endodontics private practice only

 2006 Referral based private practice for endodontics


Opionion leader for various dental companies


Lecturing in International Conferences on microscope ergonomics , documentation and CBCT

Membership of various dental associations

Publications on endodontics and documentation with the microscope

Magnification - its impact on endodontics

 Uncounted endodontic treatments are performed with the aid of magnification devices all over the world daily since decades. Endodontic specialists would not have a root canal treatment performed on themselves without the aid of magnification. This lecture will provide a quick overview over the countless application cases for magnification in endodontics as also take a look into the scientific evidence supporting this kind of treatment modality.

Join a fascinating journey through the fascinating „micro“-world of endodontics.